what causes depression
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What is depression? - Health & Wellbeing
What causes depression?. Depression is caused or triggered by genes, biology, psychology ... What is depression?. How do you distinguish between clinical, "capital D" depression and ... What is depression?. by ABC Health and Wellbeing. At one point or another most people ... Treating depression: not one-size-fits-all - ABC Health & Wellbeing. *Depression's many ...

What causes depression? - Harvard Health
It's often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but that figure of ... What causes depression?. It's often said that depression results from a chemical ... Rather, depression has many possible causes, including faulty mood regulation by the ... Understanding Depression. Depression affects nearly 19 million adults each year, yet this ...

What Causes Depression
What is causing your depression? Read a first hand account of one person's struggle and ... Home ,, What Causes Depression. What Causes Depression. QUESTION: What causes depression? ... Learn more about coping with depression now!. WHAT DO YOU THINK?. - We have all sinned ... Other causes of depression can be the result of various diseases. People suffering from ...

NIMH » Depression in Women
An easy-to-read booklet on depression in women that explains wh
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what causes depression

at it is, when it starts, ... What causes depression in women?. Several factors may contribute to depression in women. ... What are the different forms of depression?. The most common types of depression are:. * ... What are the different forms of depression?. *What are the signs and symptoms of ...

What causes depression? - Harvard Health
What causes depression?. ,, Previous page Page 1 , 2. Stressful life events. At some ... Table 1: Medications that may cause depression. Antimicrobials, antibiotics, antifungals ... Colon cancer testing: What's in it for you? » * Which mammogram guidelines should I ... Bright light helps depression » * Higher cardio fitness may improve multitasking skills » ...

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... the causes of depression are complex and overlapping. Find out what factors you can ... ns/depression. /complete-index.shtml "There is no single known cause of depression. ... These are not causes of depression. They are risk factors. Many of them are also risk ... What Causes Depression?. Recognize Your Risk Factors. ...

What causes depression
... depression does not result from a single event, but from a combination of recent events ...
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What Causes Depression? | National Parkinson Foundation
What Causes Depression?. These factors can contribute to the development of depression in ... There are many causes of depression, including psychological, biological and ... Certain prescription drugs can cause symptoms that mimic depression.. Page reviewed by Dr ... What are you doing to beat Parkinson's? Get involved with NPF to help raise funds and ...

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What Causes Depression are a multitude of reasons and factors that differ from one person ... to the other...Discover What Causes Depression now ... In A Better You, Depression What Causes Depression? *Modified : December 22,2015 ... Unusual Causes for Depression. There are several uncommon, unusual causes for depression ...

What causes depression? - Guide to Post Natal depression
What causes depression? There may be a number of reasons why a woman gets depressed. ... Other times, it's not clear what causes depression.. During Pregnancy. During pregnancy, ... Depression after pregnancy is called postpartum depression or peripartum depression. ... can cause chemical changes in the brain that lead to depression. Depression is also an ...

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